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Techwave Ecommerce
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E-Commerce Features

Built-in WYSIWYG HTML editor-What you see is what you get (no html knowledge required)

Large pool of templates to choose from, you can change the look and skin of your store by just selecting the templates defined in your admin area. In addition, if you want we can create any design/layout that you want.

Simple way to upload products: Feature your products online through our designed templates. Choice from more than 100 templates and in 5 colors.

Define/ Create Users: Admin can define users with different degree of Privileges
User Activate and Deactivate: The Admin user can activate or deactivate any of the products/user to his or her requirements.

Define your own categories: Techwave gives options to categories your products. Catalog and product page design just got a lot easier. Catalog as many products as you can create categories and sub categories to make the product to easily assessable to the customer.

Tax settling and Invoice settings: With Techwave the trouble of taxing and invoices are made simple and quick. Our site removes the confusion of collecting the tax payments at different states and other tax by laws.

User creations and right: Users can be introduced in the back end administration with varying degree of powers. Thus, meaning that at the back end you can have a user, which has the right to know about how much sale, is done but the invoices will not be availed to him.

Self-defined product attributes: The products can be defined to their specific inputs and information. Featuring and customizing the product for the shopper.

Batch upload of product images: All your products can be uploaded in one click. Simply importing data from the existing database or delimited file.

Add on unlimited products: A catalog can be created on the site so that the shopper finds all the different products with ease.

Select your target Market: Send thousands if instant emails to your target audience on a click of your mouse. Techwave designed e-mail in html form or you may create new e-mail temples using your favorite HTML editor you can approach all kinds of market in few minutes times.

Vendors Management: Allows you to assign vendors to specific products or product categories. Generates Purchase Orders with vendor-specific information, and then send purchase orders instantly via e-mail.

Front Store

Customer Registration with multiple shopping address option: Flexibility is added for the customers by the Techwave by the giving enough space for using different shopping addresses at each time he/she goes shopping online.

Order tracking for customer: The status of your customer orders and the details of the shipments are notified through the email as soon as the order status changes

Wish list for customer: A quick reminder to the customer about what she/he wished to buy and thus saving him time when he comes shopping for himself or his family members.

Order customer for his customers with return management: We provide the complete RMA module so that all the returns, exchanges can be managed efficiently with proper inventory/accounting integration with it.

Order History: Your customer can check their Order History with just login to your site

Multiple customer facilities like view/edit personal details, password etc.: Your website users gets a person member area where they check their Order History, do the Returns/Exchanges, etc.

FAQ with back end integrations: Admin User is provided a complete backend module to define the FAQ of the store, which makes it easy to modify it

Online Affiliate creations and Affiliate Commission: Complete affiliate Module with commission reports etc.

Store Administration
Tax processing: All different tax laws of different states can be checked at the time the customer is checking out. It makes the user know what taxes he has to pay at one go.

Invoice processing: The status of any order is known at a click on your computer. This report lists all the invoices that occurred within a period. Admin user can manage the invoicing and change the status i.e. "Under Process" to "Shipped" etc...

Cart Abandonment Rate: Report on how many have used the cart facility and not finalized the invoice stage.

Number of currently log in: How many shoppers are viewing our site and shoppers who have logged on the site for viewing.

Search engine Statistics: Techwave keeps a record of how many shoppers have searched for the name of your site the search engines like yahoo, Google and other sites.

Shipping, header and footers processing: Techwave sees that each company follows its own business ethics at the shipping time also. The invoice setup is according to the way the company does the business.

Conversion Rate: With Techwave, we make sure the client know how many invoice his site is getting each day and we provide the graph of days and then months too. Coupon Management: Techwave also manages the privilege coupons like the gift coupon and discount coupon.

Maximum hit from IP address: For a growing business, it is very important to know from where his company is getting an enquiries and how people are looking for their site.

Maximum accessed page: The Maximum products which are viewed and which are not. Thus informing the default of the site, which makes it unattractive to the customer, is also informed by the Techwave.

Payment option
Multiple online Payments: We accept credits cards on line and have checks online. Techwave Ecommerce software is integrated with over 42 gateways.

Online payment options like Pay Pal, Link Point, and Bank of America: Techwave is fully integrated with the PayPal IPN, which provides an easy way for customer have to pay via PayPal. Your store is automatically notified of any PayPal payments. PayPal can be accepted in addition to having a merchant account, or as a stand-alone solution for accepting payments through your Techwave ecommerce software.

Sale Analysis

Best selling products report: The best selling product on line is being sent to the client along with the sells report.

Sales report: An analytic sales report is send by the team of experts of Techwave.

Best Seller-Product, item, Customer, Category, size and color chart: Each detail about the product such as the size, color chart, category is avail on the ecommerce site by other expert team of Techwave.

Sales Report with real time graphical interpretation: Monitor sales activity using detailed sales reporting tools. Generate sales summary, sales detail and product sales reports through the graphical interpretation.

Top payment Method used: At Techwave, the subscriptions can take different billing options like the monthly billing, yearly billing.

Sales by customer report: We at Techwave see that which customer is buying, how much at one go and are coming back to the site repeatedly. Thus telling our client which customer id should be treated as prime customer.

Sales representative integration with sales: Through the back end system, we can know which sales representative is able to sell the maximum amount of your company's products.


Journal Entry: This report lists all the transactions that occurred within a period. The report is useful if you need a straight chronological listing of all the transactions your company made. Journal also lists transactions chronologically, but presents them as debits and credits.

Accounting payable and Account Receivable: A detail of the account which is paid and which has to pay is given in the detail.

Profit and Loss A/C: This report is also called an income statement. It summarizes your income and expenses for each income or expense account on your chart of accounts, so you can tell if you are operating at a profit or a loss.

Bank Registers: This report lists all the accounts that have been reconciled; their most recent reconcile date, and the date of the statement they were reconciled against. On the report, click an account name to view its most recent reconcile report.

Aging report: This report summarizes the status of unpaid bills and unapplied vendor credits in accounts payable. For each vendor your company owes money to, the report shows- (1) what your company owes for the current period and (2) what your company still owes from previous periods.


Firewall Security: The best security system is used by Techwave to safe guard the site and the transaction done by the customer at the time of payments also. Thus keeping in mind that the hackers do not crack the site.

Password Protective Administrative access: At Techwave we see that our site protects the passwords of every user.

Complete user details with activation and deactivation: The ecommerce site owners, which all users are activating accounts on the site and deactivating accounts.

Shopping Cart

On screen shopping list: Lets customers keep track of their order with a cart summary on every page.

Shipping calculator: Free, Local Pickup, By Order Price, By Region, By Live Rate Lookup, or your own method.

Different Layouts for the cart & checkout: shown as reference for customer as they continue to browse for more products. Shows where you are in the checkout process at all times during checkout.

Address book function for easy checkout: If you want that your item should be sent somewhere else with your address book it can do with a click. Shoppers can store an unlimited number of addresses in a personal address book. We make it easy for shoppers every step of the way.

Multiple shipping and payment options: Merchants can manage incoming orders with Techwave order fulfillment tools. They can track which orders have been paid and/or shipped, print packing slips, and enter shipping tracking numbers.

Built in shipping and tax calculation: The trouble to sitting and calculating different taxes is no longer a trouble as Techwave has an inbuilt system for it

Seamless checkout process: A simple and quick three-step checkout for the customer.

Sales & Marketing

Sales representative Integration with sales: Informing how much sales is done through the sales representative each day by going to the administration back end.

Packing Label and mailing label with bulk Print option: Customer is informed about the ship notification through the e-mail.

Affiliate Program module: Allows your affiliates to login to their account and view their statistics live and real-time. For example the total click through that they generated each month or how much money they have made so far this month, how many people is in each level of their network.

Customizable auto generated e-mails: Generates automatic e-mails for the customers and saves time too.

Run targeted e-mail campaign: Send product announcements and special offers to customers with html e-mails - and add graphics and dynamic data for real impact.

Easy newsletter broadcasting system: Easily create E-mail marketing campaigns with the built in Mass E-mailing Software, which allows you to send attractive HTML e-mails to your customers. You can use the pre-designed e-mail templates, or you may create new e-mail templates using your favorite HTML editor. Also handles all bounced email. In addition, integrated ROI Tracking to see how many people (a) open your email and just look at it, (b) how many people click on a link in the email (c) and how many people actually buy something because of the e-mail solicitation. In short, a complete analytical insight.

Set quantity discounts: encourages people to buy more! - You can give people a percentage discount, or a specific dollar amount discount for purchasing over a certain quantity.

Issue discount coupons: Generate Coupons, which you can use to advertise special discounts.

Merchandizing Account

Cross-sell products: While shopping for a product our team of experts gives suggestions about what will compliment the product the customer is buying. In addition, added ability to display related products on the shopping cart page itself, which intelligently chooses products related to the products currently in the customer's shopping cart!

Wholesale selling feature: When a whole seller opens with his log in id he gets the wholesale pricing list.

Mass Product Price and stock update: All the stocks can be updated in no time with the help of selecting "modify product" and the batch is updated in no time.

One -click featured, on sale & Front page Products: Select on sale and select your product and it will go to your Index page in minutes

Products can appear in Multiple Categories: To make the site a customer friendly the products are divided into categories and sub categories. They can appear on a different page.

Password protected pages for personal content: Techwave ecommerce software enables you to protect that personal page content on the web with the help of simple password made by you.

Temporarily de-activate products: If your company does not want to show a particular product for some time it can deactivated for that time.

Sell downloadable products: Completely flexible as it allows u to export or import any product from EXL.

Shipping& Tax Calculation

Shipping Setting: Allows you to set up set minimum/maximum shipping charges and setting unlimited shipping methods along with automatic UPS ship rates.

Tax exemption for specific customers: Techwave gives a special privilege of tax exemption for specific customers

Tax Calculation: Calculation of taxes according to country, state and county. A time saver!

Batch upload of product images: Import all EXL sheets along with product images in any form.

Ship by weight-: allows you to set shipping price grid based on weight.

Ship by piece: Each piece will be charged separately for the shipment.

Customer Relationship Management

Password entry for wholesale customers: Special module for the wholesaler customers to form a different set of pages.

Search your customer by demographics: View your customer through the geographical localities.

Your customer can view their order history: helps the customer remember which products they recently viewed and might still be interested in purchasing. (Very helpful)

Your customer do not need to key in their information upon checkout: Customer can login to their account by providing their email address and password without filling the form again.

Order tracking ability: Live UPS, FedEx, and USPS Worldwide tracking so that your customer can track their packages at YOUR website. Customer can track their packages live without leaving your website.

Inventory Management

PO to the vendor: The vendor is sent the purchase order through the e-mail.

Stock report: Customizable to show actual qty in stock or "In Stock", "Out of Stock", etc. Includes option to allow or not allow backorders of "Out of Stock" items. In addition, BAR CODE technology for automated inventory control of multiple Product Option combinations (size + color + material, etc.) If a certain color + size combination runs out of stock, it can automatically disappear from the dropdown choices!

Product Alert Bestseller Report: allows all "NEW" products to carry the "NEW" graphic, like product, item, customer, category, size and color with chart.

Inventory Forecast: With the help of the present sales Techwave e-commerce software forecast is done for the quarter, semi quarter and the year.

Affiliates commission Report: allows you to track all sales and traffic generated by your affiliates. With this powerful system, you can allow people to advertise your business for you, and in turn you can pay them a percentage of all sales generated by them.

Sales Rep Commission Report with Chart: Through the back end the sales representatives can get to know how much commission he will get on the sale of the products.

All Sales Report: A detail sales report of each page and then the whole site is done.

E-Commerce Hosting
Advanced data import / export capabilities. - Ability to import any spreadsheet or database, including all of your products, customers, etc.

Daily backs: The state of art data center takes care of everyday back of the sites.

24X7 monitoring: Monitoring the sites 24 hours and seven days of the week through e-mail, phone and live chat.

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