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Ecommerce Stores with Modern Business Styles is the most trusted name in the e- commerce world of today. Since the last one year the company has shown profits of about 100%, which is expectably high for, an IT Store. In the last quarter also more than 200 stores have been registered with the Easy to make a store with the online shopping cart software with quick business results is possible only at offers you the complete value of things you are looking for with E-commerce stores.

E-commerce business is now a vital part of all business needs. Many companies are scared opening their own sites because of the lack of cost effectiveness and many of the e-commerce site providers are far too unsatisfactory as they are not able to live up to the expectations of the business personnel. But things have changed with The e commerce solution for which’s e-commerce store is known the most is the easy to log in feature with quick business results and flexibility.
E-businesses are a click away with’s new automated business styles which is bringing a speedy change in the e-commerce world, making clients to move ahead with new business styles in half the time than accepted. With e commerce shopping cart today is reaching the excellences of functionality through the E-commerce stores of These ecommerce stores have remarkable features where users can look at the maximum IP hits to ascertain the number of visitors. Invoice processing is done to know the status of any order at one click. The report lists all the invoices that occurred within a period of time and the Admin user has the right to update its status and to denote whether it is under process or shipped. The user gets up to date information about the taxes to be paid and taxes are calculated according to the country, states and county. Members can also keep a note of the number of viewers currently logged in and who have already browsed.

Apart from these there are more additional attributes that are worth mentioning. informs its client about the abandonment rate and how many have used the online shopping cart facilities. The unique presentation of the search engine statistics through search engines like Yahoo, Google and Froogle keep you intone with the record of people searching your website. Now you can directly upload the data feed to Froogle and Yahoo updates without the FTP software. The conversion rate facility creates report of the invoices shown through graphs. After using the e commerce solutions of our clients feel the difference as the elimination of technical frustrations they face while using other e-commerce stores is very much evident. The impossible targets in business are very well met by using our online shopping cart software for online stores. Clients looking for e-commerce shopping cart online can do so by registering for an account at has brought and will continue to bring a change in e commerce businesses throughout the world. The awareness in the today's customer has forced the business market to sell products online as it is more cost effective and easily accessible to all walks of life. One click and your products gain that international look and style through the pre-designed stylish shopping cart template. What more, it is hassle free, quick and above all profitable by all means.


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