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“Apparel Distribution Software totally designed and customized for your company in as little as 6-12 weeks”

The TECHWAVE.COM ERP package expertly handles all of an organization's transactional requirements.
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The system provides separate, yet totally integrated modules for Production, Forecasting and Inventory, Warehousing, Order Processing, Allocation and Sales, Shipping, Accounting, Report Writer and System Administration, as well as business specific customized modules for Catalog, Telemarketing, and Web-enabled consumer based sales. TECHWAVE.COM, developed entirely with the Oracle® relational database and tools, ensures the client's investment is protected not only financially but also operationally through the stability of a leading product developed through the latest technology. Using Oracle® RDBMS with Graphical user interfaces, TECHWAVE.COM® run capabilities expand across several platforms and operating systems. No database administrator is needed to maintain the system. The methodology used in TECHWAVE.COM® provides for a truly Scalable Open System designed extensively to accommodate business growth and changing requirements. Starting with a single Pentium® server on a local area network running Windows Server, a Company can easily scale up to large multi processor computers supporting several hundred users on Windows or UNIX. Working closely with major apparel manufacturers, importers, accessory, and home furnishing companies, TECHWAVE.COM® has developed a fast, state of the art application that is exclusively geared to Apparel and related industries.

Because no two clients are alike and business methods differ among organizations, the system's broad range of options and flexibility provide a continual formula for successful implementations. TECHWAVE.COM's commitment to quality evolves around the perception that programs and procedures that work well in one situation may fall short in another. Based on this perspective, a set of solution-specific guidelines are established, outlined, and tailored to each client implementation. These guidelines are addressed and enhanced throughout the client relationship to support and assist in the client's present and future operational success.

As a trusted name in the software industry, TECHWAVE.COM consistently maintains high standards in all areas of "vendor concern" (software, hardware, cost, ease of use, future growth, requirement shifts, training, support, documentation, etc.). As a data management system, TECHWAVE.COM employs sophisticated, yet easy to use programs, facilitating the end user's proficiency when defining, entering, and manipulating data.

Product Styles
Quickly generate and manage product styles using the Techwave.Com advanced Item Matrix functionality. Product styles can have up to five user-defined attributes such as size, color, and width. 

Unique SKUs for each attribute combination are created automatically by our item matrix wizard. Simply select the options you want to be available for each style, and the wizard will do the rest. Product styles can also be imported from Excel spreadsheets for real time-savings.
Style Maintenance
Update specific variations or all SKUs within a product style with just a few clicks. Advanced maintenance functionality even allows you breakup an existing product style, providing complete maximum control over how items are displayed to shoppers on your website.
Order Entry
Create orders for multiple variations of a style from one screen. The matrix view for each style will speed up stock lookups, proposal creations and purchasing functions. Transactions can even be printed in a matrix format so that your customers and suppliers see order details in the same easy-to- understand format that you use in Techwave.Com.
Flexible Purchasing Tools
Different products and styles may require using different purchasing methods for the the best efficiency. Techwave.Com has a complete set of purchasing tools that allow you to utilize the method that’s right for your business. Options for drop shipping, just-in-time and stocking inventory can be used to keep inventory costs down and maximize turns.

Minimum, Maximum and Re-order points can be configured for each product or style so that Techwave.Com can make recommendations for which products you need to purchase based on seasonal demand. Drop shipping inventory to a customer is a breeze through automated generation of Purchase Orders complete with customer shipping addresses, products and delivery details from sales orders. The system will even link your purchase documents to your sales documents and provide drill downs to simplify research if this would be required.
Real-time Inventory Levels
Quantity details for each item are available at a glance and up-to-date based on all your sales channels. Easily view quantity in stock, open sales orders and purchase orders. Drill down to see quantity and delivery date commitments for each transaction. “Available for Sale” quantity is also maintained so your staff knows exactly how many units they can commit to customers. All quantities are maintained globally as well as for each warehouse or retail location you operate.
Promotions and Merchandising
Pricing based on customer type, contract and volume are easily configured for each product. Price changes made in Techwave.Com are immediately reflected on your Web store and price lists used by other sales channels. Promotions can be rolled out to all customers, or restricted according to date-based coupon codes that you configure. 

Similar styles of products can be displayed together using Techwave.Com’s up sell and cross-sell tools to help increase the average customer cart value. Order entry staff can be automatically prompted to offer accessories and add-ons when specific products are sold.
Online Web Store
Techwave.Com eCommerce is a fully customizable web store that is directly linked to your inventory and order processing to provide real time pricing and stock status to shoppers. Orders created online show up in Techwave.Com immediately for fulfillment by your warehouse. Payment and accounting details are processed automatically when the product ships to your customers.
Allow web shoppers to see all variations of a style on a single page. Color, size, length, width, up to five different attributes can be assigned to each product. Make your page stand out by adding images to each variation. Shoppers can be influenced with color images instead of just a drop-down list.

Forecasting and Inventory Processing

TECHWAVE.COM's totally integrated system maintains the inventory automatically and accurately throughout the various business processes. Accurate inventories result in reliable product histories that can help a business develop more appropriate techniques when forecasting sales and projecting inventory needs. Up to the minute inventory-status information can be determined quickly and easily through the various reporting and on-screen display options.

TECHWAVE.COM's inventory management system provides the tools necessary to determine the balance between carrying too much inventory and the cost of not carrying enough. Overall, sound inventory tracking and procedures are fundamental for maintaining satisfactory profit margins, minimizing operating costs, and avoiding potential overstock losses. As a business management tool, TECHWAVE.COM's inventory tracking, and forecasting system can assist in determining and addressing typical inventory operational issues including:
  • Inventory Projections
  • Effective sales forecasting at various levels
  • What inventory levels are maintained
  • Which inventory items are carried over
  • The point at which inventory is ordered
  • If inventory meets customer demand
  • What products or lines perform well
  • Which products are selling better than others in specific areas
  • Trend analysis

Product Development, Production Management & Import Tracking

Starting with the design of a style, TECHWAVE.COM's ease of use is one of the many features facilitating management and development flow. User defined design options, event calendars, automated email notifications, raw material and trim tracking, image attachments, spec sheets, multiple product classifications, groupings, and costing options are just a few of the pre-production tools available at product development. Line sheets and available to sell reports incorporating product pictures and/or sketches can be immediately generated for on-screen displays, email, or printed reports. Additionally, the style multi-costing feature provides increased flexibility and control for monitoring product variations such as revision tracking, vendor/country determinations, and/or raw material pricing options, etc.
Most of the obstacles facing production departments are due to the ineffectiveness of the system to provide accurate information for decision-making and the lack of production based user tools to meet process requirements. TECHWAVE.COM's integrated data and tracking methods provide a high level of accuracy when tracking purchase orders from the time an order is placed to the time the goods are received and stocked. Data reliability and improved tracking capabilities assist the user through a variety of production issues, including:
  • Analyzing which purchases (past and present) are critical to operations
  • Tracking inventory movement & cut to order management
  • Determining purchase quantities through accurate histories, bookings, and trends.
  • Evaluating vendor reliability, response time, product availability, product quality, etc.
  • Establish events controls indicating reorder points and minimum inventory levels.
TECHWAVE.COM's reporting and analysis capabilities throughout the production stages are provided as management and production guides for supervision and control. Due to the complete integration and increased information flow, product based information can be extracted and used for evaluating work flow processes, determining profit making principles, and tracking the necessary steps for operational efficiency, etc.
TECHWAVE.COM enables your company to easily set up and track containers and shipments for raw material, trim or finished goods. Some of the key features include:
  • Create and track containers
  • Track the contents of the containers on shipments
  • Track the status of shipments from broker to in house receipt of merchandise
  • Update status on shipments and available to sell with current deliveries

Order Fulfillment and Warehouse Management

Order Fulfillment and Warehouse Management

Routing is automatically controlled through customer ship-to masters. Distribution can be automatically and easily routed for direct to store, distribution centers, or consolidator shipping in any combination based on customer rules.

The TECHWAVE.COM sales related packages are pre-designed to provide the user with the necessary tools to do their jobs without having to leave their desk, rely on paper, or exit a program in the middle of an entry or operation. System users are provided with more accessible and better-presented information on each display. The user's ability to switch from one application to another to access information or enter a record will greatly enhance job performance. Features include:

  • Bulk order distribution
  • Template distribution
  • Special telemarketing module
  • Multilevel pricing module
  • Data validation tables
  • Multi-level look-ups and drill downs
  • On line credit approvals through EDI
  • Factor/Non Factor order processing
  • Multi factor capabilities
  • Factor integration for automated approvals
  • No end of day processing.
  • Quantity entry by size or pre-pack
  • Direct production to sales assignments (cut to order)
  • Multi session capabilities
  • Multi-Warehouse processing
  • Style substitutions
  • Global update features
TECHWAVE.COM offers a sophisticated, yet quick and practical Automated Allocation program in addition to a multitude of standalone pick options for creating and distributing pick tickets. Allocation can be run anytime during the day by multiple users simultaneously. Various options are available for sorting and selecting such as start and complete dates, season, style, division, warehouse, customer and more. Some key features include:
  • Rule based auto allocation processing
  • User defined allocation templates
  • Multiple force pick options by customer
  • Multiple force pick options by style
  • Global update options
  • Force pick by customer/order number/SKU
  • Force pick a single or multiple store order
  • Batch pick based on force selections
  • Generate pick tickets by division, customer, range, warehouse, etc,
  • Pull sheet generation by style and location
  • Pick ticket special instructions feature
  • Open pick tickets aging reports
  • Pick ticket status tracking
  • Pick ticket reconciliation
The TECHWAVE.COM shipping programs include a wide array of standard and custom shipping forms and labels to include EDI/Non-EDI VICS Bill of Ladings, Manifests, Packing Lists, Partner specific UCC and content labels, standard address labels and a broad range of reports and listings. In addition to the picking processes, TECHWAVE.COM offers a variety of pick/pack related feature rich programs to include:
  • Multiple packing options
  • Global update/maintenance options
  • Multiple form control options
  • Automated assortment packing
  • Detail level drill down capabilities linking all related modules
  • Pick ticket status tracking program
  • Automated freight, handling, weight, and carton update options
  • Pick cancellation tracking
  • Warehousing locator program
  • Style substitution program
  • Barcode scan packing
  • Touch screen and handheld technology
TECHWAVE.COM software incorporates automatic integration between all TECHWAVE.COM modules providing flexibility and sound referential integrity. Pre-bill adjustments are easily handled at the Pick ticket level through a variety of convenient global and manual adjustment features. EDI Invoices are automatically generated for those customers requiring them. Once the invoice process is complete, customer balances are instantly updated and distributed to the General Ledger. Once an invoice is generated and resides in the invoice file, it appears in the Accounts Receivable module for cash processing (where applicable). Various inquiries and reports may be run providing the user with up-to-date customer financial information.
  • Standard and master invoicing options
  • Line additions and cancellations
  • Single and global invoicing options
  • Global salesman/commission options
  • Quantity/price adjustments
  • Single or global void options
  • Header/line back order, reverse, and cancel balance options
  • Global/manual freight, handling, weight and carton update options
  • Automated user defined remit to options
  • Pro numbers, bill of lading numbers, etc. assignment options
  • Auto bill at shipping with tracking number support.
  • User defined invoice terms & conditions features
  • Multiple form control options
  • Style substitution features
  • Automatic generation of EDI invoices
Once a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is issued, the system continually tracks the item through the various return statuses (i.e., receipt, credit, and re-sale). Return statistical information is readily available for return analysis by style and/or customer. 

Bulletin checks and balances ensure the validity of the return and credit. Fully integrated with accounts receivable, accurate and real time credit data is immediately available for sales statistical and gross profit reporting by division, customer, style, etc.
  • Multiple credit application options
  • RMA module
  • Auto credit against RMA and invoice
  • RMA and credit memo reason code tracking
  • Global salesman/commission options
  • Quantity/price adjustments
  • RMA and credit memo void options
  • Credit memo auto populate features
  • Multiple form control options
  • Detail level drill down capabilities linking all related modules
  • Factor options
  • Automatic markdown data retrieval
Shipping Verification
Part of Techwave.Com's Warehouse Management function, Shipping Verification is designed to verify the accuracy of quantity picked and to speed up the billing process by giving you an Auto-Billing feature. Using this feature is a very easy and straightforward process.  

Without verification procedures, the item quantities on the picking ticket are what the order entry staff use to select items for billing.  If there are errors on the picking tickets, then these errors will be reflected in the billed invoices causing inaccurate inventories and the time and expense of reconciling billing errors with customers. Procedures included are entering orders, printing picking tickets, scanning picked items to verify, auto bill orders, printing invoices and posting invoices.
Procedures included are:
  • Entering orders
  • Printing picking tickets
  • Scanning picked items to verify
  • Auto bill orders
  • Printing invoices
  • Posting invoices
Apparel Style Group Enhancement
Many industries have special needs when it comes to accounting and distribution. If you're in the apparel industry, then you are already familiar with that fact. So how can Techwave.Com Business Software help you to keep focused on your particular business needs? By offering to you the "Apparel Style Group Enhancement." This vertical enhancement for the Techwave.Com Business Software package is specially designed for your company and numerous others just like it. Each style can be set up by color or size for sub-coding of an item and track each code of an item individually.
Multi-Bin is a key feature of Techwave.Com's Warehouse Management System. Many companies store newly received items in their warehouse any place a bin is available. This may cause the same item to be stored in multiple warehouse bins. The Multi-Bin add-on will give users the ability to record multiple bin locations for each inventory item in the warehouse. The Multi-Bin process can be either a one-step or two-step process. The issue with one-step processing is the person in the office needs to know which bin the item is going to be received to or shipped from, which in many cases only the warehouse knows. The extra burden of communication between the warehouse and the office slows down the multi-bin process and makes it more difficult. Note: this feature does not work with the serial number tracking feature.
On-line Credit Card Processing
Techwave.Com supports on-line credit card processing by using any payment gateway. With on-line credit card processing, the credit card is charged through Techwave.Com and the payment is automatically posted to your merchant account, as well as performing a real time cash receipt.
Access to the credit card information and charging credit cards is controllable by user. The credit card number is encrypted with a user defined 128-bit key to secure credit card numbers.
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