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ASP or PHP- Make the Best Choice for Shopping Carts
Online shopping carts, just like the physical tool, are designed for purchasing a large number of products. When it comes to website development and integration, the choice commonly comes down to two popular choices i.e. ASP and PHP. Both ASP and PHP are languages used to build Dynamic Web sites that can interact with Databases and exchange information. ASP (Active Server Pages) is from Microsoft and is used with IIS (Internet Information Server) that runs on Microsoft Servers. Although the resources available to a PHP developer are free of charge which makes PHP extremely attractive to the independent web developer. PHP which is an open Source web development language also facilitates the creation of feature rich, dynamic websites that can use databases. Being Open Source means simply that PHP isn't owned by anyone.

Many IT companies tend to use ASP shopping cart and backend scripts is because ASP integrates very well with Access, Excel and other Microsoft software. Active Server Pages or ASP has long been an option for creating dynamic web content. Active Server Pages facilitates the ability to use databases such as Access or SQL just to name a few, to create dynamic, feature rich websites. Web applications, specifically those relying on back end databases, are created using either Microsoft's ASP (Active Server Pages) language, or the open Source alternative language of PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). Reasons why one might choose one over the other can cover the cost of development tools, or availability of such tools, or even ones comfort level with the Open Source concept.

Therefore the language with which the shopping cart will be developed depends upon what the user actually requires if the user is concerned with compatibility, a PHP style shopping cart should be a first choice or in other cases if  some e-commerce application development is the requirement then many would call ASP the best. At the same time you can’t go wrong with an ASP shopping cart. However, it will be rather precise to say both languages have their advantages specific to users. This does not mean that PHP cannot provide ecommerce solution only that many people choose ASP. In all, asp shopping cart and php shopping cart are both excellent options, the choice is yours to go for the language that is compatible to meet the ecommerce solutions provided by your website.

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