About Us

Techwave.com is a leading solution provider for high performance web based Ecommerce solutions and has its very own customer friendly online shopping cart with more flexibility as ever imagined. As the leading solution provider, this North Californian company has automated its features with greater reliability, having a performance based innovative infrastructure.

We are successful in different fields of IT business with the help of our certified specialists and we will happily share our knowledge with you. Here is the list of our main specialties:

  • Establishing a Technical Support Center or Call Center Internet Promotion and Advertise
  • Choosing the best IT services provider (Hosting, Development, and Support etc.).
  • Creating an IT branch for your existing business
  • Identifying and Implementing required software to your business Optimizing IT processes in your company
  • Corporate Identity creation.

We are the fulfillment company of choice for many industry-leading firms since 1989, providing the mission-critical services behind some of the most successful products ever launched, including the Palm Pilot.

We provide flexible, high quality services to accommodate each client’s specific need, from order processing and fulfillment to billing services, warehousing and inventory management, e-commerce solutions, and call center and customer care services. All our solutions are fully integrated using state-of-the-art technology and scalable to meet our clients growing needs. With fulfillment facilities in California and USA, we are able to cover both sides of the country with speed and efficiency.

Our management team has decades of fulfillment, sales and marketing experience - our clients benefit from the wealth of information we've gained over thousands of direct marketing campaigns and sales promotions, and millions of processed and shipped orders.

Our ultimate goal is complete customer satisfaction - for our clients and their customers. We strive to give the highest quality personalized service, with over 30 different programming language options with the feasibility to choose out of seven different databases and ten different servers. Our credibility is a proven success, which in turn, has helped us form long-lasting client relationships. We are not just vendors to our clients we are the partners.